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An open-source BASIC compiler for microcontrollers
Guidelines for posting the GCBASIC forum
Found a bug in GCBASIC, or having trouble with a program? About to post about it in the forums? Please do, but take a bit of care when posting and it will be much appreciated.

If you want to make it easier for people to answer your question, please follow these few guidelines:
  • Check the help file! The help is in the GCBASIC Start menu folder and available online here, but if you're reading this you've probably checked the help anyway.
  • Check for previous posts on the topic. A search tool is available here, please use it.
  • Say exactly what problem you are having. "It doesn't work" is bad. "The LCD doesn't work" is better. "Random junk comes up on the LCD" is the best, because straight away it becomes obvious what some possible causes of the trouble are.
  • If there is an error message, say what it is. Copy and pasting is usually the best option.
  • Post enough code to compile and reproduce the problem. If your whole program is too big to post, then just post enough to compile and reproduce the problem. If there's no #chip line, you've not posted enough of it!
  • If asking for help, explain what your program is meant to do! No need for an essay, but a clearly worded sentence or three can go a long way.
  • Say what version of GCBASIC you are using. There is the latest released version ( at time of writing), plus a whole lot of updates. If you're using an update, then please say what its release date is. GCBASIC will show this when it runs, and it is also in the .asm files produced.
  • Post in the best English you can. If English is your mother tongue, then please try to use it properly. A bit of punctuation can help a lot. If English isn't your mother tongue then just do the best you can and we'll be happy. Babelfish and Google Translate are fine.
These aren't rules, and no-one is going to attack, ban or ignore you for not following them. In some cases, several of these guidelines might not apply - for example, there is no reason to post code if you can't start GCBASIC. However, please do what you can to help the people who are going to help you!

If you're asking about something that is not GCBASIC specific, like a bootloader or a particular peripheral, and you don't get a response, it might help to start a thread on some other forum as well.

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