The Great Cow Great Cow BASIC
Open Source BASIC programming tools for Microchip PIC and Atmel AVR microcontrollers
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Handy sites for GCBASIC users
Microchip Technology  The manufacturer of PIC microcontrollers, and an excellent place to find datasheets and other information.
The PICList If you are having a PIC-related problem, or would like some more links than are presented here, head over to the PICList.
IC-Prog A free (non-open source) program that supports many different PIC programmers.
JDM programmer One of the simplest PIC programmer designs available. Compatible with many different PIC models, and requires an RS-232C serial port.
USBtinyISP A simple USB-based AVR programmer. Schematics and firmware are available, or a kit can be purchased.

Other open-source PIC programming languages
JAL v2 Jal is a high-level language for Microchip PIC microcontrollers. It has a similar syntax to Pascal.
SDCC Small Device C Compiler, an ANSI-C compiler that produces code for PIC16 and 18 chips, in addition to several other controllers.
gputils Various PIC-related utilities.

SourceForge Our hosts
FreeBASIC The compiler that is used for GCBASIC. If you are interesting in compiling GCBASIC, you need FreeBASIC v0.18 or higher.
Notepad ++ A very useful general purpose text editor.

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