Using Great Cow BASIC

Need to compile a program with Great Cow BASIC, but don’t know where to begin? Try these simple instructions:

- Complete the installation using the default values - select all the programmers but not the portable mode.

- The installer will automatically start the IDE.

- When a Great Cow BASIC sourcefile is opened, check out the IDE Tools menu - through this menu you can access the oneclick commands. Try right mousebutton - this will access the same options.

- The IDE Tools…​ commands (function keys F5 - F8) starts a Great Cow BASIC utility which calls the batchfiles for compiling sourcecode and programming ("flashing")(1) the target microcontroller. By default these batchfiles are called flashAVR.bat (when the chipmodel is an AVR) and flashPIC.bat (when the chipmodel is a PIC) and a batch file to create and program your microcontroller called makeHEX.bat. The chipmodel is autodetected by the IDE.

- By editing these batchfiles you can configure the programmer software for your own needs. All the programmers are located in the G+Stools subfolder.

- If there is a batchfile "FlashThis.bat" present in the same folder as the sourcefile, this batchfile is used for flashing. This may be useful for project-specific flashing.

- Included programmer software is:
 — Avrdude for AVR,
 — PICPgm for PIC,
 — PicKit2 and PicKit3
 — TinyBootLoader+
 — Microchip Xpress Board and many, many more.

(1) You need a suitable programmer to do this, and instructions should be included with the programmer on how to download to the microcontroller.