Trigonometry Circle


Great Cow BASIC can draw circles on a Graphical LCD devcie using Great Cow BASIC library functions.


Demonstration program:

    ;Circle and filled circle commands on a graphic LCD.
    ;This uses the 2-place trigonometric routines found in the include file.

    ;Thomas Henry -- 4/17/2014

    ;----- Configuration

    #chip 16F88, 8              ;PIC16F88 running at 8 MHz
    #config mclr=off            ;reset handled internally
    #config osc=int             ;use internal clock

    #include <GLCD.h>
    #include <Trig2Places.h>

    ;----- Constants

    ;Pinout is shown for the LCM12864H-FSB-FBW
    ;graphical LCD available from Amazon.

    ;       +5V                 ;LCD pin 1
    ;       ground              ;LCD pin 2
    ;       Vo = wiper of pot   ;LCD pin 3
    #define GLCD_DB0 PORTB.0    ;LCD pin 4
    #define GLCD_DB1 PORTB.1    ;LCD pin 5
    #define GLCD_DB2 PORTB.2    ;LCD pin 6
    #define GLCD_DB3 PORTB.3    ;LCD pin 7
    #define GLCD_DB4 PORTB.4    ;LCD pin 8
    #define GLCD_DB5 PORTB.5    ;LCD pin 9
    #define GLCD_DB6 PORTB.6    ;LCD pin 10
    #define GLCD_DB7 PORTB.7    ;LCD pin 11
    #define GLCD_CS2 PORTA.0    ;LCD pin 12
    #define GLCD_CS1 PORTA.1    ;LCD pin 13
    #define GLCD_RESET PORTA.2  ;LCD pin 14
    #define GLCD_RW PORTA.3     ;LCD pin 15
    #define GLCD_RS PORTA.4     ;LCD pin 16
    #define GLCD_ENABLE PORTA.6 ;LCD pin 17
    ;       Vee = pot low side  ;LCD pin 18
    ;       backlight anode     ;LCD pin 19
    ;       backlight cathode   ;LCD pin 20

    #define GLCD_TYPE GLCD_TYPE_KS0108
    #define GLCD_WIDTH 128
    #define GLCD_HEIGHT 64

    ;----- Variables

    'None required.

    ;----- Program


    circle(10,10,10)                  ;upper left
    circle(117,10,10)                 ;upper right
    filledcircle(63,31,10)            ;center
    circle(63,31,20)                  ;center
    filledcircle(10,53,10)            ;lower left
    filledcircle(117,53,10)           ;lower right

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