StartTimer TimerNo

Command Availability:

Available on all microcontrollers with a Timer module.


StartTimer is used to start the specified timer.

Timer 0:

Please refer to the datasheet to determine if Timer 0 on specific Microchip PIC microcontroller can be started and stopped with starttimer and stoptimer. If the Microchip PIC microcontroller has a register named "T0CON" then it supports stoptimer and starttimer.

On Microchip PIC 18(L)Fxxx microcontrollers Timer 0 can be started with starttimer.
On Microchip PIC baseline and midrange microcontrollers starttimer (and stoptimer) has no effect upon Timer 0.


This example will measure that time that a switch is depressed (or on) and will write the results to the EEPROM.

    #chip 16F819, 20
    #define Switch PORTA.0

    Dir Switch In
    DataCount = 0

    'Initilise Timer 1
    InitTimer1 Osc, PS1_8

    Dim TimerValue As Word

        ClearTimer 1
        Wait Until Switch = On
        StartTimer 1
        Wait Until Switch = Off
        StopTimer 1

        'Read the timer
        TimerValue = Timer1

        'Log the timer value
        EPWrite(DataCount, TimerValue_H)
        EPWrite(DataCount + 1, TimerValue)
        DataCount += 2

Supported in <TIMER.H>