SetWith(TargetBit, Source)

Command Availability:

Available on all microcontrollers.


SetWith is an extended version of SET, it allows a Bit Field to be set or cleared by evaluating the content of Source. SetWith should always be used when TargetBit is an I/O Bit and Source is a Function, in order to avoid the possibility of I/O jitter.

Source may be a variable and of type: Bit, Byte, Word or Long, a Constant, an expression or a Function.

It will SET TargetBit to 1 if Source evaluates to anything other than zero. TargetBit will always be a 1 or a 0 regardless of the variable type of TargetBit.


    ' This program will reflect the state of SW1(RA3) on LED DS1(RC0) of the Microchip
    ' Low Pin Count Demo Board. Notice that because SW1 is normally High the state has to
    ' be inverted to turn on the LED (DS1) when SW1 is pressed.

    #chip   16f690    ' declare the target Device

    #Define SW1 PORTA.3
    #Define DS1 PORTC.0

    DIR DS1 Out
    DIR SW1 In

      ' set the Bit DS1 to equal the Bit SW1
      SetWith( DS1, !SW1 )

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