Ser1Send, Ser2Send, Ser3Send


    Ser1Send data
    Ser2Send data
    Ser3Send data

Command Availability:

Available on all microcontrollers.


This command will send a byte given by data using the channel referred to as Ser1.. , Ser2…​ , Ser3…​ according to the rules set by the related defines.


    'This program will send one byte using PORTA.5

    ; ----- Configuration
    #chip 12F1501, 1

    ; ----- Include library
    #include <SoftSerial.h>

    ; ----- Config Serial UART for sending:
    #define SER1_BAUD 9600     ; baudrate must be defined
    #define SER1_TXPORT PORTA  ; I/O port (without .bit) must be defined
    #define SER1_TXPIN 5       ; portbit  must be defined

    ; ----- Main body of program commences here.
    Ser1Send 88   'send one byte (88 = X)

Exposed in SoftSerial.h authored by Frank Steinberg