Randomize seed

Command Availability:

Available on all microcontrollers


Randomize is used to seed the pseudo random number generator, so that it will produce a different sequence of numbers each time it is used.

If no seed is specified, then the RANDOMIZE_SEED constant will be used as the seed. If seed is specified, then it will be used to seed the generator.

It is important that the seed is different every time that Randomize is used. If the seed is always the same, then the sequence of numbers will always be the same. It is best to use a running timer, an input port, or the analog to digital converter as the source of the seed, since these will normally provide a different value each time the program runs.


    'Set chip model
    #chip tiny2313, 1

    'Use randomize, with the value on PORTD as the seed
    Randomize PORTD

    'Generate random numbers, and output on PORTB
        PORTB = Random
        Wait 1 s