Using connection mode 10:

The LCD is controlled via I2C of a type 10 LCD 12C adapter. Use LCD_IO 10 for the YwRobot LCD1602 IIC V1 or the Sainsmart LCD_PIC I2C adapter. To use mode 10 you must define the I2C ports as normal in your Great Cow BASIC code. Then, define the LCD type, set the I2C_address of the LCD adapter and the LCD speed, if required. Finally, set the backlight control, if required.

Relevant Constants:

Specific constants are used to control settings for the Liquid Crystal Display routines included with Great Cow BASIC. To set these constants the main program should specific constants to support the connection mode using #define.

Constant Name Controls Value


The I/O mode. Must be 10



Address of I2C adapter

Default 0x4E


Address of I2C adapter

Not set


Address of I2C adapter

Not set


Address of I2C adapter

Not set

For code examples see I2C LCD Solutions.

See the separate sections of the Help file for the specifics of each Connection Mode.

For more help, see LCD_IO 0, LCD_IO 1, LCD_IO 2, LCD_IO 2_74xx164, LCD_IO 2_74xx174, LCD_IO 4, LCD_IO 8, LCD_IO 12