Using connection mode 0:

To use connection mode 0, a subroutine to write a byte to the LCD must be provided.

Optionally, another subroutine to read a byte from the LCD can also be defined. If the LCD was to be read, the function LCDReadByte would be set to the name of a function that reads the LCD and returns the data byte from the LCD. If there is no way (or no requirement) to read from the LCD, then the LCD_NO_RW constant must be set.

In connection mode 0, the LCD_RS constant will be set automatically to an unused bit variable. The higher level LCD commands (such as Print and Locate) will set it, and the subroutine is responsible for writing to the LCD. The subroutine should handle the process and then set the RS pin on the LCD appropriately.

Relevant Constants:

Specific constants are used to control settings for the Liquid Crystal Display routines included with Great Cow BASIC. To set these constants the main program should specific constants to support the connection mode using #define.

When using connection mode 0 only one constant must be set - all others are optional or can be ignored.

Constant Name Controls Value


The I/O mode.


For a code example of connection mode 0 program, download here.

See the separate sections of the Help file for the specifics of each Connection Mode.

For more help, see LCD_IO 1, LCD_IO 2, LCD_IO 2_74xx164, LCD_IO 2_74xx174, LCD_IO 4,LCD_IO 8, LCD_IO 10 or LCD_IO 12