About Labels

Labels are used as markers throughout the program. Labels are used to mark a position in the program to ‘jump to’ from another position using a goto, gosub or other command.

Labels can be any word (that is not already a reserved keyword) and may contain digits and the underscore character. Labels must start with a letter or underscore (not digit), and are followed directly by a colon (:) at the marker position. The colon is not required within the actual commands.

The compiler is not case sensitive. Lower and/or upper case may be used at any time.


    'This program will flash the light until the button is pressed
    'off. Notice the label named SWITCH_OFF.

    #chip 16F628A, 4

    #define BUTTON PORTB.0
    #define LIGHT PORTB.1
    Dir BUTTON In
    Dir BUTTON Out

    PulseOut LIGHT, 500 ms
    If BUTTON = 1 Then Goto SWITCH_OFF
    Wait 500 ms
    If BUTTON = 1 Then Goto SWITCH_OFF

    Set LIGHT Off
    'Chip will enter low power mode when program ends

For more help, see Goto, Gosub