InitSer channel, rate, start, data, stop, parity, invert

Command Availability:

Available on all microcontrollers.


This command will set up the serial communications. The parameters are as follows:

channel is 1, 2 or 3, and refers to the I/O ports that are used for communication.

rate is the bit rate, which is given by the letter r and then the desiredrate in bps. Acceptable units are r300, r600, r1200, r2400, r4800, r9600 and r19200.

start gives the number of start bits, which is usually 1. To make the microcontroller wait for the start bit before proceeding with the receive, add 128 to start. (Note: it may be desirable to use the WaitForStart constant here.)

data tells the program how many data bits are to be sent or received. In most situations t his is 8, but it can range between 1 and 8, inclusive.

stop is the number of stop bits. If start bit 7 is on, then this number will be ignored.

parity refers to a system of error checking used by many devices. It can be odd (in which there must always be an odd number of high bits), even (where the number of high bits must always be even), or none (for systems that do not use parity).

invert can be either "normal" or "invert". If it in "invert", then high bits will be changed to low, and low to high.


Please refer to SerSend for an example of InitSer

For more help, see RS232 Software Overview