InfraRed Remote


Great Cow BASIC support interfacing with IR remote controls. The header file contains explanations, for both hardware and software.

This has been tested on many different IR sensors, and different remote controls.

Demonstration program:

The example is expected to work with most any IR sensor running at a 38 kHz carrier frequency.

    ;This demo prints the device number and key number sent by
    ;a Sony compatible IR remote control unit to an LCD

    ;Thomas Henry --- 4/23/2014

    #chip 16F88, 8                    ;PIC16F88 running at 8 MHz
    #config mclr=off                  ;reset handled internally
    #config osc=int                   ;use internal clock
    #include <SonyRemote.h>           ;include the header file

    ;----- Constants

    #define LCD_IO      4             ;4-bit mode
    #define LCD_RS      PortB.2       ;pin 8 is Register Select
    #define LCD_Enable  PortB.3       ;pin 9 is Enable
    #define LCD_DB4     PortB.4       ;DB4 on pin 10
    #define LCD_DB5     PortB.5       ;DB5 on pin 11
    #define LCD_DB6     PortB.6       ;DB6 on pin 12
    #define LCD_DB7     PortB.7       ;DB7 on pin 13
    #define LCD_NO_RW   1             ;ground RW line on LCD

    #define IR_DATA_PIN PortA.0       ;sensor on pin 17

    ;----- Variables

    dim device, button as byte

    ;----- Program

    dir PortA in                      ;A.0 is IR input
    dir PortB out                     ;B.2 - B.6 for LCD

      readIR_Remote(device, button)   ;wait for button press

      cls                             ;show device code
      print "Device: "
      print device

      locate 1,0
      print "Button: "                ;show button code
      print button

      wait 10 mS                      ;ignore any repeats
    loop                              ;repeat forever

See also SonyRemote.h.