HEFRead(HEFaddress, HEFDataValue)

Command availability:

Available on specific Microchip PIC microcontrollers only. Check your datasheet.


HEFaddress is the HEFM relative location in the whole HEFM area (i.e. a number generally comprised between 0 and 127)
HEFDataValue is the byte data being retrieved

This subroutine reads information from the HEFM given its relative number in the whole HEFM area. It is the equivalent of the EPRead subroutine for EEPROM. The subroutine will compute the row number and the offset in the row from HEFaddress and HEFLASH_ROWSIZE. It will then call the HEFreadBlock subroutine to retrieve the byte data.


    #chip 16F1509, 8
    'The following example stores in the byte variable “value” the
    'HEFM byte variable located in row 1 at offset 2