Goto label

Command Availability:

Available on all microcontrollers.


The Goto command will make the microcontroller jump to the line specified, and continue running the program from there. The Goto command is mainly useful for exiting out of loops - if you need to create an infinite loop, use the Do command instead.

Be careful how you use Goto. If used too much, it can make programs very hard to read.

To define a label, put the name of the label alone on a line, with just a colon (:) after it.


    'This program will flash the light until the button is pressed
    'off. Notice the label named SWITCH_OFF.

    #chip 16F628A, 4 'Change this line to suit your circuit

    #define BUTTON PORTB.0
    #define LIGHT PORTB.1
    Dir BUTTON In
    Dir BUTTON Out

    	PulseOut LIGHT, 500 ms
    	If BUTTON = 1 Then Goto SWITCH_OFF
    	Wait 500 ms
    	If BUTTON = 1 Then Goto SWITCH_OFF

    Set LIGHT Off
    'Chip will enter low power mode when program ends

For more help, see Gosub and Labels