Common Cathode

This is a Common Cathode 7 Segment display example.

No additional configuration is required when using Common Cathnode.

Constant Name Controls Comment


Inverts controls for Common Anode displays

Required for Common Cathode displays


Support PFET or PNP high side driving of the display

Inverts Common Cathode addressing pin logic for multiplexed displays

This is a Common Cathode 7 Segment display example.


    'Chip model
    #chip 16f1783,8

    'Output ports for the 7-segment device
    #define DISP_SEG_A PORTC.0
    #define DISP_SEG_B PORTC.1
    #define DISP_SEG_C PORTC.2
    #define DISP_SEG_D PORTC.3
    #define DISP_SEG_E PORTC.4
    #define DISP_SEG_F PORTC.5
    #define DISP_SEG_G PORTC.6

    ' This is the usage of the SEG_DOT for decimal point support
	' An optional third parameter of '1' will turn on the decimal point
	' of that digit when using DisplayValue command
    #define DISP_SEG_DOT PortC.7

    'Select ports for the 7-segment device
    #define Disp_Sel_1 PortA.1
    #define Disp_Sel_2 PortA.2
    #define Disp_Sel_3 PortA.3

    dim count as word
    dim number as word

    Do Forever
        For count = 0 to 999
            number = count
            Num2 = 0
            Num3 = 0
            If number >= 100 Then
              Num3 = number / 100
              'SysCalcTempX is the remainder after a division has been completed
              number = SysCalcTempX
            End if
            If number >= 10 Then
              Num2 = number / 10
              number = SysCalcTempX
            end if
            Num1 = number
            Repeat 10
              DisplayValue 1, Num1,1  'Optional third parameter turns on the dp dot on that digit
              wait 5 ms
              DisplayValue 2, Num2
              wait 5 ms
              DisplayValue 3, Num3
              wait 5 ms

            end Repeat

Also, see 7 Degment Display Overview, DisplayChar, DisplayValue