About Comments

Adding comments to your Great Cow BASIC program is done with an apostrophe before the comment line. You can also comment out sections of code if you want just by placing an apostrophe, a semi-colon or use the statement REM at the beginning of each line. The SynGCB IDE has a feature to do this automatically.

Warning: Great Cow Graphical BASIC uses semi-colons to mark comments that it has inserted automatically. It does not read these comments when opening a file, so any comments in a Great Cow BASIC program starting with a semi-colon will be deleted if the program is opened using Great Cow Graphical BASIC.


    ' The number of pins to flash
    #define FlashPins 2

    REM You can create a header using an apostrophe before each line
    REM This is a great way to describe your program
    REM You can also use it to describe the hardware connections.

    ' You can place comments above the command or on the same line
    Dir PORTB Out ' Initialise PORTB to all Outputs

    ; The Main loop
    PORTB = 0 ' All Pins off
    Wait 1 S ' Delay 1 second
    PORTB = 0xFF ' All pins on
    Wait 1 s ' Delay 1 second