Command Line Parameters

About the Command Line Parameters

    GCBASIC [/O:output.asm] [/A:assembler] [/P:programmer] [/K:\{C|A}] [/V] [/L] [/NP] filename

    GCBASIC [/O:output.asm] [/A:assembler] [/P:programmer] [/K:{C|A}] [/V] [/L] [/WX]  [/NP] filename

    GCBASIC /version
Switch Description Default


Sets the name of the assembly file generated to filename.

Same name as the input file, but with a .asm extension.


Batch file used to call assembler(1). If /A:GCASM is given, Great Cow BASIC will use its internal assembler.

The program will not be assembled


Batch file used to call programmer(1). This parameter is ignored if the program is not assembled.

The program will not be downloaded.


Keep original code in assembly output. /K:C will save comments, /K:A will preserve all input code.

No original code left in output.


Verbose mode - compiler gives more detailed information about its activities.



Show license and exit.



Do not pause on errors. Use with IDEs.

Pause when an error occurs, and wait for the user to press a key.


Force compiler to ensure all include files are valid.



Shown build date and version of the compiler.



Load the settings from a specified file, rather than use the defaults.



The file to compile.


(1) For the /A: and /P: switches, there are special options available. If %FILENAME% is present, it will be replaced by the name of the .asm file. %FN_NOEXT% will be replaced by the name of the .asm file but without an extension, and %CHIPMODEL% will be replaced with the name of the chip. The name of the chip will be the same as that on the chip data file.

A batch file to load the ASM from Great Cow BASIC into MPASM. Command line should be like this:

    C:\progra~1\microc~1\mpasms~1\MPASMWIN /c- /o- /q+ /l- /x- /w1 %code%.asm

A batch file to compile in Great Cow BASIC then load the ASM from Great Cow BASIC into GPASM. Command line should be like this:

    gcbasic.exe %1 /NP /K:A /A:"..\gputils\bin\gpasm.exe %~d1%~p1%~n1.asm"

To instruct MAKEHEX.BAT to use GPASM. You have GPUTILS installed. The batch file should be edited as follows:

    REM Create the ASM
    gcbasic.exe /NP /K:A %1
    REM Use GPASM piping to the GCB error log
    gpasm.exe "%~d1%~p1%~n1.asm" -k -i -w1 >> errors.txt

To summarise, you can use any of the following:

    gcbasic.exe filetocompile.gcb /A:GCASM /P:"icprog -L%FILENAME%" /V /O:compiled.asm

Great Cow BASIC will compile the file, then assemble the program, and run this command:

    `icprog -Lcompiled.hex`

You can also create/edit the gcbasic.ini file :

    'Assembler settings
    Assembler = C:\Program Files\Microchip\MPASM Suite\mpasmwin
    AssemblerParams = /c- /o- /q+ /l+ /x- /w1 "%FileName%"

    'Programmer settings
    Programmer = C:\Program Files\WinPic\Winpic.exe
    ProgrammerParams = /device=PIC%ChipModel% /p "%FileName%"

This example will use MPASM to assemble the program. It will run the program specified in the assembler = line, and give it these parameters:

    `/c- /o- /q+ /l+ /x- /w1 "compiled.asm"`

Then, it will run the programmer, and give it these parameters when it calls it:

    `/device=PIC16F88 /p "compiled.hex"`

%ChipModel% will get replaced with the chip you are using, so this the chip Great Cow BASIC will pass to WinPIC.