Developers and Contributors:

Hugh Considine - Main developer of Great Cow BASIC

Stefano Bonomi - Two-wire LCD subroutines

Geordie Millar - Swap and Swap4 subroutines

Jacques Nilo - HEFM and help file conversion to asciidoc

Finn Stokes - 8-bit multiply routine, program memory access code

Evan Venn - Utilities, revised I2C routines, this help file and generally everything else!

Translation Contributors:

Stefano Delfiore - Italian

Pablo Curvelo - Spanish

Murat Inceer - Turkish

Other Contributors:

Russ Hensel - Great Cow BASIC Notes.

Chuck Hellebuyck - His documentation for the GLCD and other pieces, see

Frank Steinberg - GCB@SYN IDE for Great Cow BASIC, see

Alexy T. - SynWrite IDE used for GCB IDE, see

Thomas Henry for the Select Case and the Sine Table examples.

William Roth for the LCD code and supporting diagrams.

Theo Loermans for the revised LCD sections and the library.

Chris Roper for the bitwise methods including the library including FnEquBit, FnNotBit, FnlslBit, FnlsrBit, SetWith and 47xxx.

Conversion of asciidoctor documentation files:

See the asciidoctor Web site and the support forum.