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Open-source BASIC programming for microcontrollers
Example Projects
Home These projects are intended to provide a brief glimpse of what can be easily accomplished with Great Cow BASIC. Each project has a brief description, along with the source code and schematic diagram in case you want to try it for yourself.

Those using Great Cow Graphical BASIC can open up the GCBASIC code in GCGB - use File > Open, and change the file type to text files.

Morse Code transmitter
This project is a simple Morse Code transmitter.

To use, type in a message using the keyboard (only alphanumeric characters are recognised). Then press ENTER and the message will be played in Morse Code using the attached speaker. Pressing ESC clears the typed message.

It demonstrates the usage of LCD displays, PS/2 keyboards, and the Tone command.
View schematic diagram

View GCBASIC code

Light Logger
This project logs light readings to the internal EEPROM of the controller.

It shows how to make use of the EEPROM data memory and analogue to digital converter, both of which are built in to many PIC microcontrollers.
View schematic diagram

View GCBASIC code

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