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Just starting with programming for microcontrollers? We recommend Great Cow Graphical Basic (GCGB)

Please install the GCGB installer shown below.  This is a stable release and should meet the needs to those just starting with microcomputers, programming and Great Cow Basic.

This supports a large number of chip types but does have a smaller set of instructions to ease learning.

Beginners DownloadDateDescription
GCGB_Installer.exe14/2/2010Installer for Great Cow Graphical BASIC
Update-GCGB.ZIP23/06/2012A manual update to your installation.

Initially,  run the installer.  Then download the update and decompress the complete zip file to your hard disk.  Then move these files to the Great Cow Graphical Basic folder. Then, you can run GCGB. 

Intermediate and advanced using microcontrollers? We recommend Great Cow Basic (GGB), for the latest build please download from this page: Here.

Intermediate and Advanced DownloadDateDescription
GCB@Syn.zip25/05/2014GCB@Syn is an IDE for Great Cow Basic created and maintained by Frank Steinberg.  This release contains the GCB release dated 13/05/2014.

Simply decompress the complete GCB@Syn folder inside the zip to your hard disk.   It is recommended to not to use the "Program Files" folder because of Windows restrictions for this folder, choose a suitable folder to create and manage the Great Cow Development environment. Then, run IDE.exe.   The IDE will display files for your review when starting the IDE for the first time.

For Great Cow BASIC Translations

Translations of the Help File and the Language file have been released separately that support Great Cow Basic.  These zip files contain files that can be used to replace the English (default) Help and Language files.  Please see the linke below.

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