The Great Cow Great Cow BASIC
Open-source BASIC programming for microcontrollers
About Great Cow Graphical BASIC
Great Cow Graphical BASIC is an icon based program editor. It allows you to create Great Cow BASIC programs without having to memorise commands. This makes it particularly useful for those who have never done any programming before. And, as with Great Cow BASIC, it's completely free!

Great Cow Graphical BASIC is tightly integrated with Great Cow BASIC - it will work with all of the same chips, and loads and saves GCBASIC programs directly. You can even copy and paste between Great Cow Graphical BASIC and a text editor with a Great Cow BASIC program in it! GCGB will load GCB libraries, and when you're comfortable to leave the icons behind, your GCGB programs can be edited like any other Great Cow BASIC program.

Currently, Great Cow Graphical BASIC will only run on Windows and requires the .NET Framework 1.1 or higher. It can be made to run with Mono 1.1 if a copy of Microsoft.VisualBasic.dll is provided, but this is only poorly tested and requires additional work.

This is all it takes to make an LED flash with Great Cow Graphical BASIC:

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